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the process

The process of isolating and purifying your DNA:

To become a participant firstly you will be asked to complete a consent form, don apron and gloves and collect a universal tube labelled with your individual study number. On the first workstation you will be asked to perform a simple exercise to collect cells from inside your mouth. A filmed and written instructions will show the next stage including staining your sample and adding a lysis buffer to extract the DNA from your saliva. Working on Work Station 4 you will be required to add another liquid to your sample and be able to watch as your stained DNA separates. Microscopic slides, pipettes, tissues and pencils will be on Work Station 5. With care you will be able to extract a little of your DNA strands, deposit them on a slide and leave to become part of a growing archive.

If having difficulties - help will be on hand from the gallery staff.

Alternatively, enjoy watching others or seeing the resulting evidence!